(I’m often intrigued by how I view breakups compared to others, artists in particular.  This song is interesting.  Day 270…)

Do the Macarena in the Devil’s lair.  But just don’t sit down, ’cause I’ve moved your chair…

It may feel like I’m pulling some kind of prank
Your comfort has been moved
Like I’ve rearranged your room without your permission
But at least I told you about it.

It’s tough to see this as better for you
Now that this place
Though empty
Is still too crowded for you
Standing room only
Barely welcome in the doorway
Of what used to be home
Wipe your feet on the mat
It’s easier to clean the dirt there
Than when you tracked it through my room
I don’t want traces of stains
That show your path to my bed
All the areas you used to rest
Don’t touch anything…