(I knew that I’d repeat a song title.  I also had a good feeling that it’d be this one.  Radiohead is one of those musical acts whose best song changes by the moment in life.  Day 276…)

I don’t wanna be your friend.  I just wanna be your lover, no matter how it ends, no matter how it starts…

Let’s start at the beginning
And reflect on the time we were facing each other
Looking over the hands we were dealt
And holding them close
For they are of value
If only to seem in a better position than predetermined societal notions would suggest.

Common knowledge is already on the table
The flop reveals pieces of us
Pieces we hope mean more to self than the other

I promise
With what I’m holding
There is no reason to bluff
Only to go all in
With everything
Every chip on my shoulder I fondle between my fingers
Trying yet falling to avoid telling on myself
Hopefully you think that what I have is good
Because I know what you have is better
You have a horrible poker face.
Now show me what you’ve got.