(Mr. Kinetik is one of my favorite people I’ve never met in person.  I’m honored to be inspired by one of his tracks.  Day 277…)

My style is amazing, way too strong for your Twitter feeds.  Hammer on your tracks like John Henry.  Homers like Henry for the Braves, stealing bases like Mays.  My songs are like Lays and one ain’t enough…

If I had a hammer
I’d ring it
On tracks that stretch from where I am now
To my destiny
Manifested in the crazy method that is creativity.
The loco motive is here to write my life
And ride it to my future
Releasing pollutants
That smoke trail is me
Breathing out the darkness
Because that darkness is the remains of what I use for fuel

Don’t board this crazy train
Just listen to me whistling by
On a schedule not even this conductor knows