(I love Amy Winehouse.  Her music is so honest.  Day 279…)

There’s nothing you can teach me that I can’t learn from Mr. Hathaway…

I’ll admit
There was a time where I needed help.
And there are times
I need help
Though I hide the distress signal behind a brighter smile

Right now,
The problems I may face do not require a painful journey to sobriety
This inebriated mind has already confessed its addictions
The vices have grip on me, yes
But I still have a grip on my sanity
I would know
Because the only one who was there to see it dangling from a cliff
Like the last drop of Jameson
The only ears that heard the screams
Amplified by liquid courage
Were my own

I lifted myself back onto solid ground
And just because you didn’t help
Doesn’t mean I still need help
Not today…