(I love when music makes more sense from the first time I listened to it to now that I’m older.  J-Live had shaped a lot of my writing style, and I’m honored that he even knows who I am.  Today’s entry walks through that door where I would deny parts of me because…well, I don’t know.  Day 280…)

And the fact is: even being yourself takes practice.  When you front too hard, you never get it back…

I am human
Because of the broad reach of that label
Breaking down the equation from answer back to terms
Becomes a problem if I exclude one of them
Ten and four plus six still mean the same.

I used to dismiss parts of me
That I thought had to be replaced
To somehow correctly solve me.
Never adding fear
Believing if I ignored it
It would be subtracted
People are like equations
Are like antivenin
To fix the problem
You must include the defect in it
Things just don’t add up.

I am so many things
Naive when dreaming
Scared of failure
Protector of a family tree yet to even take root
Hopeful father of a seed whose birth date is not on my calendar
But I am the sum of these things
Not just some of these things
Yes to all of it.
Problem solved.