(I had a tough time concentrating.  It wasn’t because I wasn’t focused.  This song, Amy’s voice, just put me in a trance-like groove.  I just wanted to listen to her.  Day 283…)

Won’t you come on over, and stop making a fool out of me…

It’s in your name.
The brave heart you possess knows it’s free
Now have the courage to follow it.

The war is over
The need for sword and shield has passed.
This may be an alien message to you
Who’ve had to defend your honor for what seems like ages
And lifetimes
Given how many lives have been lost
Over what is supposed to be love
But I do come in peace.

This isn’t a conquest
To ask for surrender means I get to expand
While you take on me
And lose a little of yourself
But I want you
Don’t deny the gallantry in your hips
Hips that made others follow for a chance to touch you
Like a settling summer dress during your stride
Take your marching boots off
Your armor
It’s been too long since traveling to new places didn’t taste like battle

I’m no foe.
Just a messenger in love your name
Who’d like to see if the heart matches the label.