(After a long day, it feels good to come home and just write.  Day 284…)

So, what did you think I would say?  “No, you can’t run away.  You can’t run away”…

I’ve never been one
To “know this would happen”
My premonition misses
Because I choose to be blinded by love
Love with a safety harness
Is not believing in your heart’s ability to find its complement
And not believing your heart could withstand the impact of hitting the bottom of the bottomless
If I eject
My heart goes with it
Even if it takes longer to leave.

I’ve done enough doubting of myself
For what you think this truth of us not working out
To do any permanent damage
My self-esteem is calloused from constant pressure on it
Trying to turn fret into music
So even the sad song in the key of your name
Means I’m getting better at making beautiful music.