(I have a pretty intense headache.  I also had a pretty good idea that left me early in the morning because I didn’t write it down.  Day 287…)

Sometimes, the things I need are right back where I started from…

I had an idea for a poem
One that tugged on my chest so hard
That I fell when it let go
Confused and motivated
I searched clouds while plummeting to Earth
For something I had no claim over
For something The Universe gives and takes away
That poem could have done more damage than the thud felt once I realized it was gone for good

To that poem
That incomplete creation
So human yet so divine
You remind me of that adage about loving and letting go.
I released you from my left hand
Like the last balloon
Since you’ll deflate soon
And we’ll both crash in unfamiliar places
I’m glad I’m no longer a weight that hinders your flight
I’m glad we separated before we got too high into the atmosphere

That pull on my chest will happen again
And I’ll have a poem I can finish
While you’ll help some part of The Universe write anew.