(If you are familiar with me and my writing…I’ll leave it at that.  Day 288…)

I like it.  I love it.  I want it all the time.

I dig deep
Never the same stroke twice
Every position is memorable
Enough to fantasize about that time I spread legs in December
Over the couch
Repeat the first sentence

The best sessions lead to thunder
The rumble of orgasm growing louder the closer precipitation comes
Nothing beats getting caught in the rain
So lovely
Neither of us are concerned about stains

Always enough time between turning her over
Long enough to enjoy it
Quick enough to get everything in
Creative enough for many entendres
How can someone so open be such a perfect fit?
Deeper I go
It feels I’ll break through
But even when I hit the bottom
I always rise again
Drilling that’s filling
Rediscovering what I thoroughly search
That’s mine
She always says it.