(I’m beginning to forget some of the songs I’ve already written to.  Right when I started, I decided not to repeat a song, only songs with the same titles, if applicable.  I’m also beginning to forget which songs I haven’t written to that I often play.  Day 289…)

But what the hell?  Why do you think I come around here on my free will, wasting all my precious time?

You have a smile like a song caught halfway through
I love it
But when I tell others
I can’t quite put the words together
I mumble.
Something, something
You know how it goes
Until that part comes on

I constantly ask you to repeat yourself
To memorize the lyrics in your cheeks
Huh means I’m gathering even more focus on the quarter notes
Looking for places to rest
To catch my breath
Lost somewhere near the hook in your top lip
Parting your mouth breaks the chorus line
Your bottom lip is full of adlibs
Lead singer with impromptu solos
But it gives the group much added flavor.

I promise
If you let me listen to you
I’ll harmonize
I hum along to its melody in my chest
I may not know it from beginning to end
But I will
By heart