(This “Pink Syrup” album by The Tay has very little words, but the idea behind it is very prominent.  This is the one minute interlude on it.  Day 290…)

It’s going to make you cry.  It’s going to make you drunk.  It’s going to make you smile.  It’s going to make you cum…

My thoughts of you
Were pure like freshly washed whites
Your legs decided to welcome me
Pink beautifully stains my mind
And the deeper I go
The more of you I get on me
Turns them from just thoughts
To desires
Something in the hue of love

Bites and scratches along my ribs
Prelude to the thorn in my side you will be
If I stay here any longer
If your kiss lingers any longer
With my nose near your petals
I cannot see past the bloomed flower
Begging for me to inhale its scent