(This has been one of my favorite songs since before I knew all of what it meant.  Something about the live band aspect of it that makes it so epic.  Day 294…)

You can’t disguise the pounding of your heart.  I see your eyes, and you can’t hide…

There you are
The most beautiful wrecking ball I’ve ever seen
For someone with bidding on her mind
You have an interesting choice of machinery

Yes, my heart is made of reinforced brick
But that’s because it was mistaken for granite
That the last construction chief sought to tear it down.
But this model needs not be crashed into
I know falling is an uncontrolled action
But that’s better than attempting to topple this edifice
Because the size of architecture frightens you

Eye contact shouldn’t make me run for cover
It may make you clumsy
But it does not have to make you destructive
I’ll break your fall
Without you trying to break me.