(By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the song.  I’m almost just as sure that you’ve never heard a man be that vulnerable.  Day 302…)

How am I so emotional?  I know that’s not a good look.  Gain some self-control…

I guess
This is where I’m supposed to “man up”
And revel in how my bed is a massage parlor
Schedule pleasure with someone I’ll remember on my skin
But not in name.

I guess I’m too pound my chest in bravado
But I can’t stop the thunderous beating on the inside
And I’m too scared
To strike mid heartbeat
Lest my heart stops
But that’s how I’m supposed to be as a man

I’m sorry I’m not the man I’m supposed to be
And that looking for love from a chocolate lover
Is like looking for God in a bite of Godiva
It shares the name
So it must be divine
We shared a bed
So it must be divine.