(It’s amazing what reading another’s words will do to my own creativity.  I had the pleasure of reading a friend’s screenplay.  It unlocked my own creativity so quickly, and here is today’s entry.  Day 303…)

I don’t live in Denver.  I grew up in Sierra Leone, and get pink skies will keep me warm..

When you picked me up with your hand
From the soil
And felt all that Africa fill your spirit
Did you question why I was so rough?
Did you wonder to yourself why anyone would walk past something so naturally beautiful
I mean
Who would scoff at the gem made of the unbreakable essence of the beginning of civilization?

I don’t come from Egypt
Don’t romanticize me like Giza.
And I’m not the embodiment of the freedom that Johannesburg fought for
You can’t fathom the blood spilled over me
The hearts left mutilated trying to cut me into something to be put on display
I’m not meant for glass
The emergency will be because of me
Breaking the casing of the woman who was willing to die to have me.

So darling
Ask yourself
Are diamonds really your best friend?