(This song needs no introduction.  Day 305…)

All alone with me, we’re waiting on the sunlight…

Wherever you are in this planet
Your name rings whenever your lips
Silently minister to me
The essence
The core
Of what it truly means to behold something beautiful

Should I ever give you reason for you to need your smile to be your umbrella
Caught in the rain with nothing but an upside-down grin
Let the pain roll off it
So it doesn’t drench your soul
And it remains genuine when everything is right-side-up

I’ll agonizingly
But respectfully
Or stay
If leaving or staying
Means I’ll hear one more sermon
One more testimony of gospel
That inspires repentance
That hopefully causes forgiveness
That prayerfully rains blessings
And I can turn my frown upside-down
And receive them like rain water.