(Another day in which it poured.  It just does something magical to me.  Day 308…)

Each time I tell myself, ‘It’s the game of love.’  Ignore the signs and risk it all in the name of love…

The only time being it’s beneficial to be a joker
Is while playing cards
Being a bigger fool
Is more rewarding than having other cards in my hand that trump every round of this game we play.

How do I trust she who’s across from me
To be a worthy partner?
Are the secrets I play sparingly
Compatible with hers?
Are we both sandbagging?
Carrying the dead weight of unnecessary hearts
Knowing they won’t get us closer to victory?

The game is cutthroat.
Neither of us knows if the bids we place are us placing too much or too little hope on our chemistry
There’s only one way to find out.