(This is one of my favorite Musiq songs.  Back when he and Eric Roberson were composing songs, joints like this were created.  Day 321…)

How can love be so kind and so gentle, then turn and be so cold?

You would think
A woman so pure
God Himself decided to foster a love child inside her
That she wouldn’t treat love like a schoolyard prank

Holding on for dear love
Became holding on for dear life
Swept up in the force inside your spirit
That my heart began to orbit yours
In the beginning, it was fun
Smiling while revolving faster and faster
Thinking we were moving towards becoming one
We were unraveling
Who knew joint revolutions would cause a tornado?
I’m sorry I didn’t stop us from becoming a natural disaster
Still grasping onto you is nauseating
There is a cyclone drilling into the pit of my stomach
Begging me to let go

The super glue in your hug has yet to dissolve
I continue to hold onto childish love
Hoping you slow down
And make it safe to ride with you again.