(Spotify does it again.  Day 323…)

I wish I knew when to tell you where I’ve been; where the light will always let you in…

I think about you every day.
Like Earthlings do other planets
We cannot prove there’s life outside our bubble
And attempting to travel to search for other beings would take too long
So long that we measure the distance by the time it would take for light to reach our destination

So I just watch from afar
Using instruments constructed by the same gifts that could lead me to you
But for some reason
I’m not at the right age of discovery to travel to other worlds
Despite learning to fly long ago

I think of you every night
When the skies are clearer
And the only light necessary is my own
I send a beacon to you
Made of the starlight stored inside me from birth
Hoping to see you
Hoping to one day
Find that life I know exists out there.