(Frank Turner, man.  He’s a genius.  Day 325…)

Not that I can point the finger, I’ve been a sinner just the same.  Fallen hard in love at hotels, and by sunrise, lost her name..

Contrary to popular belief
I don’t bleed hearts for ink
I don’t dip into the jar of unrequited desire in order to write more perceived hypnotic art
Left to right is the way I was taught to write
I’m not placing you under a spell
Now if you come at the snap of my fingers
That’s choice over manipulation.

Hearts may shatter because they were thrown and not caught
I’m not obligated to hold every beating essence
Attaching to my words
Does not mandate me to carry your heart

I’m sorry you are enamored with the artist through his art.
I’m not sorry I didn’t return infatuation to you
But I will not take the entrails of your heart
And make an example of you.