(In the grand scheme of the world, this has been a draining year.  N*E*R*D has an idea.  Day 326…)

Don’t need another love song.  We need a love bomb, to just blow us away… friggin blow the lights out…

At times
Doesn’t feel like enough of an action
The pen being mightier than the sword
Has disclaimers written in invisible ink
That what I strike the paper with
May change the world
Like planting seed in dirt
Changes the world
Even if the other side of the planet never sees it

I need a nuclear peacehead
Divine weapon constructed from John 3:16
For the God in me so loved the world
That I want to destroy all this hate with an element in my words so unstoppable

But we don’t need recitation and prose
We need to be walking stanzas of compassion
Exploding when we touch another
Reloading as necessary
Our ammo is unlimited
Someone on the other side of the world
Will see this mushroom cloud of hope
And change the world.