(I am blessed to call the voice on the song used in today’s entry a friend.  He’s gifted with words.  Day 328…)

Every line I kick possesses an element of timelessness. And I attribute the divine to this…

What if creativity is the divinity in us?
Forget theologies
What if the proof of higher power existed once you made something?
Every time you apply inspiration and develop it into something that didn’t exist
You sent a prayer
And received a blessing
And restored faith in that divinity you bow to?
Isn’t that a genesis for a revelation?
This could be hubris
Or this could be omniscience manifesting in the realm of the mortal.
But have you ever made something
And after it was done
Not quite understand how something so amazing came from you?
That’s the sinner in you doubting the deity in you
But even your mortality stands in awe of you.
Accept it.