(Today’s idea wouldn’t leave me alone.  Day 329…)

And now it’s true, but you don’t believe me.  What can I do to change how you see me?

It is said
That women fall in love in the moment in which they say “I love you”
But men
No matter how much he means those three words
Only loves from afar
To him,
Distance allows enough room for his heart to grow fonder to the idea that he actually loves someone.
The ties that bind his heart with another
Must have the tension of being stretched
In order to play melodies of love
And they say don’t fall in love with musicians.

Maybe being closer causes him to trip over his love
And his fall is embarrassing instead of freeing
So he enjoys the thrill of watching the object of his heart plummet towards the ground
Trusting that the cord will hold
And he can soothe any vibrating fret by gripping tightly on his instrument
And they say
Never let boys play music for you

Love is the song that never ends
Some boys start singing it
Not knowing what it was
And they’ll continue singing it forever
Just because…