(Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  If you weren’t aware, today means there are 34 days left in the year.  Here is today’s entry…)

And the angel of imagination opened up my gate.  She said, “Come right in.  I saw you knocking with your heart.”

Is a mortal’s definition of that pull in the chest
That urges one to believe in something greater than flesh and bone
Humanity took that definition and ratified it
Made it law that other men have died over
Claiming their work was done through faith
I guess their faith isn’t dead even if they perish.

But she can’t see the danger in this
Every word in her direction
Might has well come from Sinai
Etched in her rib cage
And yet she worships me
For reasons she knows but doesn’t understand
She lives in awe of a man
Who’s just a man
Bowing and praying
In full service
Because she has faith in a higher power.