(I understand the feeling of some wishing this year would speedily reach its end.  This has definitely been a trying one.  Day 337…)

You don’t love me and I know now.  Cause you left me, baby, and I’ve got no place to go now…

Do you know what it’s like
To break up with a lover
Who never really loved you?
The memory of their embrace stings when air hits the open flesh on your back
And you remember
They were testing its strength
Then trying to find the sweet spot to place the knife

We’re not dead yet
Hurt, but not dead
Bleeding and heartbroken, but still alive.
The red stripes are our blood staining your shirt
This is more condemning than lipstick on your collar
This is infidelity and genocide while congressmen observe from lofted position like stars
And then you get mad when we burn the flag

Save your apology if you won’t change
It can’t be heart filled if there is no heart there
I’m no longer sick you don’t love me
My stomach sinks because it took so long for it to be fed up with lie after lie
Love isn’t blind
It knows exactly where to aim
Multiple shots from my ex lets me know we’re still alive
Our shouts are bombs bursting in air
Blood spilled, but our resolve hardens like a rocket’s red glare.
And we give you proof every night
That our raised fist is still there.