(Yet another idea I hate to see being spread as a resolution for senseless violence. We have a right to be.  Day 342…)

In the real world, these just people with ideas.  They just like me and you when the smoke and cameras disappear…

Here’s what deflection sounds like
Older generations muting our cries for help
By attributing our suffering to music
That somehow
The music of this current generation
Is responsible for the bigotry we face every single day

I guess those who were struck down and mistreated before the time of Kurtis Blow
Were a product of the breaks

We’ve become divisive
Silly ideas like this take our unity and break it up
Break it up
Break it up
Instead of demanding freedom from oppressors as our base that shakes the system
Old school rides are upset we choose the soundtrack to the revolution

Like James Brown’s “Funky Drummer”
We sampled the sounds of those before us and progressed our culture
But we still fight oppression
Through decades of music
From Sam Cooke to Lil Jon
We still need that change to come
Where we won’t be shot dead the moment we put our hands down to pull our pants up

Leave hip-hop alone
Or not
We don’t give a fuck
If you ask us to stop listening to it the only reply is
Turn down for what?