(Every song is a candidate for an entry.  This one is no different.  Remember, no matter how angry and sinister the instrument may be, someone had to write to it.  Day 343…)

Do you understand there’s a war? It’s raging in, and the Devil got some ammo, too.

When the people killing us
Can ask for strength from the same higher power
And seemingly receive it in ways that we wish our humanity was blessed
Who do we turn to?

Why can’t God see how some of His people forged His signature on our death certificates
Signing His Name on waivers
Does Heaven have a poor screening process?
Why didn’t they collect Lucifer’s uniform?
Counterfeit robes created
And somehow
Our discernment is better than Almighty’s.

It’s hard to have faith
When the scripture designated for help is on the tongues of those from which we need protection
We can hear “The Devil made me do it” in their “In Jesus’s name I pray”
Prayers are their excuses
Taking advantage of free will and robbing us of freedom.

If vengeance is Yours
And part of You is in me
You understand, right?
If not,
Blame Satan.