(Day 344…)

He came into your apartment, left the blood stains on the carpet.  And then you ran into the bedroom.  You were struck down.  It was your doom…

The reason why I took your heart
And shoved it back inside you
Is it’s too valuable to be placed in the hands of a smooth criminal like me.

I heard your heart beating in stereo
Your left thigh vibrated to the amplified sounds echoing from your boombox
Your speaker said “I love you”
Your sub woofer reverberated the sound
As loud as you were
I couldn’t locate the source of the message
As loud as you were
That was proof my heart is not made of glass
Because it didn’t shatter
Remember that

That’s why you felt me so deeply
I felt your heart being knocked out the frame
And I wanted to secure it in place.
Filling your lips so you don’t let that bomb out
And if it did explode
At least it’d be in your chest
Making the pieces easier to find and collect.

Before I pushed you away
Traces of blood spattered onto my palms
So my hands look like evidence of foul play
Instead of a sloppy attempt at saving a life

As you lay
I can only hope that you’re okay.