(Inspired by this album that dropped a few hours ago.  This is how inspiration works, sometimes…)

It ain’t that easy to live.
In a time where Black lives are treated as worthless
By people claiming to be examples of godliness
We have salvation.
In a time where the melanin in my skin can get me killed
Its elegance radiates through this record.

A picture should be worth a thousand deaths
Documented evidence as payment for the myriad of names we hope rest in peace
While we expose the charade called justice
They try their hardest to eliminate us from the photo
Sugar daddies throwing money at their infidelity
And then wonder why we question if they really love us
Repeating history like Back to the Future
But let me tell you
This ain’t a movie, dawg.

We have a soundtrack to our movement
It won’t stop til it’s done
And no amount of prayer to the higher power you falsely represent
Will save you from us

No more fear
We will no longer betray the heart of our people
Walking through the door fist first
Blasting music you’ve never heard before
Trying to reverse the outcome of a future doc getting shot
Let me tell you again
This ain’t a movie, dawg.

This is what freedom sounds like
Where many instruments of love combine to form God
We make love to the finger style riffs in the guitar
Fight for love in the bassline
Spread love over the high hat
And when that love moves us
We improvise our vocal message of love
Because sometimes
Love is the most divine adlib
Key change
And bridge

Keep your Christ to yourself
We’ll save ourselves while He deals with the crimes you’ve committed in His name
Only from a people rooted in love
Could something so regal be created
This is love
We sing along, still unsure of the words
But that rise in our souls
Lets us know that
We don’t have to wait for joy in another life.