(We lost a great musician today.  Rest in peace, Joe Cocker.  Day 356…)

Pardon me, friend, if what I’m saying don’t seem right.  But that’s the only chance I get now for being nice…

When someone is in your way
And you have any semblance of etiquette
You politely ask him or her to step aside to allow you to continue to your destination

Dear So called United States of America
Are your feet rooted in cement?
Did the excess left over from erecting monuments in the names of leaders who encouraged inequality dry before you could progress much further?

I’ve tried tapping you on the shoulder
The insignificant beating must be as meaningless to you as autumn leaves falling onto the collar of your coat
You’ve brushed me off and presumed me dead

I can’t say, “Excuse me”
My voice doesn’t carry as well when strangled
And you treat it as if I just burped in your face
All I ask
Because I’m through begging
For the pardon you give oppressors with their obvious illegal chokeholds
This elementary sense of justice where my cries are met with violence
Law enforcement should change its motto from to protect and serve to snitches get stitches

I’ve let you slide by
You rudely excuse yourself from any blame for the mistreatment of your citizens
Citizens you made so not that long ago
But you conveniently forget your laws like manners when introducing someone you’re not too fond of

Dear U S of A
Get the hell out the way
Your discomfort is no longer our concern
I’m trying to get where I’m going
And you’re holding me up