(Like Jay Dee says in the intro, I do not condone violence against law enforcement.  Day 360…)

See, now we got these fake cops.  Thought he had a gun (blaow) made a mistake cops…

This isn’t about all of them
But those who claim to be good
Are awfully silent when their associates protect and serve an oppressive agenda
We steady scream
“Not all of us”
But our cries fall on deaf ears
Handcuffing us
Telling us it’s right to remain silent
And anything we say
Can and will be used against you
In the court of a system where gunshots and gavel bangs mean exactly the same to Blacks.

So fuck em.
Fuck those who wear the fifth amendment like Kevlar
To protect the criminals they work the beat with
Put an APB out on justice
Because it’s been missing for far too long
And law enforcement needs to do it’s fucking job.