(I’m still writing a freewrite every day.  The reason why they aren’t posted is because, frankly, I want to make money off my words.  I can’t show you everything I’m working on.  In addition to that, I’m also committing to finish a poem each week.  I need to grow my skill.  If I am to charge for these words, I want them to be better.  This is the first full poem I’ve completed since #WriteFree365.  Let me know what you think.  Week one…)

How do you forget memories carved into your being?
The history of you is etched into the sides of the pyramids in my ribs
Ancient and beautiful
And unforgettable.
The sands of time hardened around my heart
And you left your story in hieroglyphs

So now the task to restore that which had been defiled has begun
But whenever I look at that mausoleum in my soul, a Sphinx appears.
My head still claims king
Despite you sweeping in like Sahara wind
And removing what it knows about moving on
The rest of me continues to lie in the same place you left it ages ago.
Claiming to be king of a throne no longer inhabited,
And lying.
To destroy such a landmark
Would mean to eliminate an entire civilization from a planet that owes its modern existence to it
To you
To us.

There’s three sides to every story
Yours, mine, and the truth
Together in the sky
We built walls as we fall to the ground
Our sands
Solid enough to build a monument as time tumbled through the hourglass
Proud of what we built with our love
Like pyramids aren’t built to honor the dead.

How do you forget memories drilled into your teeth?
Did you fill them with precious metals
To ignore the rotting flesh inside the cavities?
I guess sweets are bad for your health
The kiss of a pharoah is feral
Every tooth encases the nerves
And somehow you forgot how I worked my way to the root.
I can still see the damage done when you smile
Denial is the canal that treated a deserted area of your world
It was foolish to attempt to destroy the pyramids
Like cutting off my nose to spite my face.
The emeralds and gold in our chests
Can be treasured.
And can be buried forever without destroying the mausoleums encasing them

You changed the climate
Made an ocean of the desert
Turning Hamunaptra into Atlantis
Proving the best way is to turn real civilizations into myths.
But you and I know
We used to exist.