(After a long hiatus, I have my site back. I’ve been writing–not every day–as my heart has needed. I hope to update this place and share my words again, as long as I can. Here is a freewrite I’ve done in my phone while listening to one of my favorite albums.)

​What time is it? 

Somewhere in this room

The barriers closest to our most private places

Your priceless treasure

Are somewhere in this room.
They were freely cast aside and there you were


As beautiful as Cmaj7

You looked like a chord begging to be played

Fingers sliding down the front of your body

Your body is a fretboard

And I plucked away your nerves

Made music with your inhibitions

With you pressed against my chest

You lived in my lap
But now you’re searching for your guard

Shaking and throwing the fingers looking for something to cover yourself

Guess the night sky isn’t close enough
What if

And hear me out

What if you don’t need to find your panties right now? 

Revel in the fact it was so good

We were so symphonic

That high octaves were reached

Keys were changed 

And your clothes were just a discarded capo
Tonight you learned perfect harmony exists

Yet questions still remain. 

For both of us. 

What if you’re…

The One? 
I wanna know

I’ll get the courage one day…