I have been writing seriously for about two years. At first, I did not treat this gift as more than a hobby. I decided that needed to change, and this is my true passion.

I write because it is freeing and therapeutic.  I turn to the pen and pad to deal with personal thoughts when conversing with others may not be the solution, at the time.  I also write so that others may read and find something in my words that will help him or her in their respective walk through life.  Somebody may need a line or stanza I write.  I refuse to be selfish with this gift.

That’s why I call it, “Written Voyeurism.”  I am placing my poetry–“H.E.R.”–in a public forum, so that others can see the beauty of the art and the fearlessness of embracing my thought process.  I used to keep my poems to myself, afraid to be so vulnerable.  But now, I see that this is my destiny.  I am supposed to be a vessel for the art of poetry.  Though I’m still learning and honing this gorgeous craft, I will always keep its gracefulness at the forefront.

I enjoy sharing these pieces with you in hopes that your light shines along with mine.  My only request is that if you leave a comment, share everything pertaining to how a certain piece made you feel.  Be detailed.  Let me know what you see in various poems, and I will share my vision with you.  I am honored to even have one reader, and your feedback is important to me.



Johnathan D. Tillman

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  1. anntogether.com
    Apr 25, 2014 @ 14:44:50

    I like your candor and your honest courage – bravo. Keep expressing from brain, through heart to pen and paper…


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