#WriteFree365 – Day 124: Love, Love, Love

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(It’s been difficult to find a song to write to the past few days.  The pressures of life are high, and they may be seeping into my art.  Or, I may be denying myself.  I hour I’m not cheating.  Day 124…)

Love’s not a grave.  It won’t decay on you…

Writing about love is just like life
Some days, endless stanzas flow from my spirit
I try not to write about it

I avoid making love
I turn my poems abstinent
And focus on other subjects as best I can to get my mind off it.
It’s hard
The blood rushes from my brain to my pen
And my flash gets weak
I break the silly vow
And insert myself into love like it’s been years since I’ve had it.

#WriteFree365 – Day 106: Sixes and Sevens

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(This As Tall As Lions record moved my spirit today.  Sometimes, songs force their way into your soul.  Day 106…)

We’ve been run in circles, like rats in a maze.  Afraid of our own shadows, much too blind to change.

A constant state of confusion
This place, given to me without instruction
Only a goal.

In the search for peace,
We create an elaborate labyrinth
We take the simple things
And position them as obstacles
Then wonder why we can’t get out of our own way.

You’re not crazy
You just forgot where the entrance is
Not because you should start over
But to show you that even the forest of your mind has a designated path to freedom.

#WriteFree365 – Day 83: Stab City

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(This is the first song of As Tall As Lions’ self-titled album.  I love it.  Day 84…)

My heavy hand is full of debris.  Sometimes I wish the city would sink in the sea…

I’m a settler of sorts
Words are a collection of weary travelers
Carrying ideas like everything they owned along tumultuous synapses

They arrive at new land
Eager to dig shovels and axed questions sharpened against each other
Ready to penetrate unblemished earth.

The work is tedious.
Everything the town needs to survive
Etched into the ground
With life there must be death.
I turn fresh paper into a ghost town.
Spirits to forever roam the buildings they once built.

#WriteFree365 Day 2: A Break, A Pause

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(Two days in, and I’m almost sure the difficulty of this challenge has exponentially increased.  Anyway, this is Day Two.)

Inspired by this.

You look like someone.
You sound like someone disc jockeys toy with.
The favorite song in my jukebox that gets stuck on the chorus.

Every few seconds, you’re replaying those catchy words in my ear.
What little control I have over the playback
Gets rewound and related like the best part
You make scratches into break beats
We show off the skill of remixing what’s been made
But even spinners know when to keep the track going.

Whichever of us is on one
And whoever is on two
Blend forward and reverse to keep the party live.
But when there is no one to jam with
Then it all just sounds like a broken record
Those lines of fault become scratched out.

When the music temporarily stops,
Neither of us are in a box
We are two parallel lines
Headed in the same direction but never reaching a point where we meet.
Keep playing, you and me.
The artist I am
The artist I will be.