#WriteFree365 – Day 352: Soul Amazin’ (Steel Blazin’)

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(Whenever I stumble across a track from “Below The Heavens,” I’m reminded that I should listen to that album.  Day 352…)

My people need hope and I’m the one with it: the Soul Provider…

I took the time
To fathom this thing I harbor
Carries enough of the Universe
That we can exchange where in the cosmos we were created
Just by touching.

Every soul matters.
But there are some whose aura is beacon
Pieces of Polaris inhabit people walking the Earth
Should you meet them
You know which way you’re going

This thing
This divine compass
This spark that transforms whenever others need it
Still remaining the same
But instilling hope
A reminder in a world where life seems robotic
There are people living to be signs that everything will be okay.

#WriteFree365 – Day 246: No Greater Love

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(Remember what I said about “Below the Heavens” giving me a different favorite song every time I listen to it?  This is another.  Day 246…)

Sun back with Moon to balance out how he shines on the planet.  And you try to understand it, but you can’t, ’cause…

As someone who’s carried all of
Whatever this is
Purpose of my life
I don’t know
In my arms
I’m still unfamiliar with
Who wants to lend a hand

I’m learning how to balance my load
And your load
Without either of us losing our selves in the name is selflessness

I’m careful
Maybe too careful
Maybe there’s no such thing as “too careful”
When handling something so fragile
So this ends up preserved until we reach our destination.

You are
Everything I wanted
Which makes me nervous
Because I never actually expected to have everything I ever wanted
So if you observe me staring into the distance
Lost in what looks like thought
I’m concentrating on maintaining my grip on us

I’ve never been this happy
I’ve never been this happy knowing I will always be this happy
As long as you continue to say
“I love you too”

#WriteFree365 – Day 242: The Narrow Path

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(“Below the Heavens” is an album I’ll love forever.  It’s a record in which I have a different favorite song after playing it.  Day 242…)

Traveling down this yellow brick road until it frees me.  I need a pen.  I need a pad.  I need a place to go to get this shit lifted off of my soul…

The Universe makes no mistakes
It’s more than coincidence, to me,
That a man named Frost
Wrote about a less traveled path.

The chilly wind follows like a surname
Adding echoes to voices accompanying me
Reminding me of the loneliness.

In solitude
Each step creaky
Unsure if this is hajj or exile
Paradise can’t be felt
Touching wintry branches attached to cold shoulders
And the warmth of the group meandering through the other path
Is too far

When the end is not in sight
The end
Is an idea I’m imagining as happily as ever after can be for a storyteller
That fights the thought of writing as only a falling action.

Dear Mr. Frost
The Road Not Traveled is not as pleasant as your words are.
But you knew that.

#WriteFree365 – Day 229: ‘TilWeDie

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(Hopefully, thus week is better.  Day 229…)

I fell on my knees today to find myself.  And it helps when it ain’t no one around to tell the truth to–when I’m not half the God I used to be…

I prayed
One of those prayers
The kind that you stutter through
Because the truth is so heavy on tongue
It requires all your strength to say it

The kind of prayer that brings realization
That you have no idea who you are
Not truly yourself
Just selfish
But the self in you bows to the holiness felt at dawn
And you spend night on your knees asking for answers

My prayers used to be egotistical
The blessing of life spoken as a “yeah, but”
Ignoring that nothing happens without it
Prayer is requesting forgiveness
Admitting that help is needed
And accepting assistance that our egos cannot comprehend.

Yesterday I prayed
To a distant relative
Hallowed be the family name
Halfway through the valley
Tremors in my spirit bright me to kneel
And I understood
I don’t fear evil
Just the truth.
Forgive me for my shortcomings
Forgive me for believing my shortcomings were what defines me
To the God that opens my eyes every morning:
Thy will be done.

#WriteFree365 – Day 100: Untitled(LovedU)2

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(One hundred days.  I still can’t believe my own commitment to this.  Anyway, I pulled from thoughts I no longer think.  Time, the ultimate eraser of feeling…)

See, the way I feel about you, it’s like nothing left without you.  But I doubt you think it’s nothing more than game…

I did.
When I didn’t say it as often
When you stood in the mirror wondering if your figure still erected statues in your honor,
When crying was the language you thought I understood
Your tears
Text messages I can erase with a swipe of my thumb.

I promise I did.

You had all of me
Despite me not sharing every thought
Every random pleasure that caused my daybreak of a smile
Though no one write understands sunrise
They know it gives them hope
I’m sorry I didn’t show my hope on my face.

There was no part of me that was attached to another
The entirety of my being scared me
I apologize for placing my fear where love should go.
But my heart was yours.

It means nothing now
Closure happened long before I gathered the courage to write this.
I don’t even know if you still wondered about me.
But yes.
Yes I did
Love you too.

#WriteFree365 – Day 72: Amnesia (Remind)

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(I’ve written to the original song.  And now, I have been moved to write to its reprise.  Day 71…)

Tried to hide feelings, but they just kept leaking…

I write poems to you.
Poems in invisible ink
The words are there
Not quite in spirit
Because I don’t need to be revisited by ghosts of kisses past
It’s better when we’re resting
In peace.

Out of life
Out of mind
But the mind keeps birthing memories of the dead and forgotten
Replenishing cells killed off by time
And pettiness
And ego.

While it keeps rebuilding itself
It traps thoughts of you in imprisonment
There is freedom in amnesia
Remembrance can place me behind bars
Bars that you can’t see
But they’re there.

#WriteFree365 – Day 60: Dancing in the Rain

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(There will probably be a few more tracks off this album and from this artist over the course of the year.  I relate to Below the Heavens so much.  This is how I begin March…)

So just move your ass. Just move your ass…

The storms become heavy
The rain collects faster than I can write it away
Or I get drenched before I find shelter
Even though covering my head is like the atmosphere above clouds
Sure, the Suns rays are less harmful
But that doesn’t stop the rain from falling

Storms are a product of home
Not the Universe
Though natural and necessary for balance,
They can still dampen plans to shine.
We all know how vital rain is to earth
We also know how annoying puddles are when earth doesn’t drink fast enough
Everyone has gotten shoes dirty
Socks wet
From storms home has formed

It happens
Bask in the necessity of downpour
Find your rhythm along the cadence of droplets
Let your optimism be your umbrella.
Because there will be sunshine soon enough.

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