#WriteFree365 – Day 346: Nightvision

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(I hope I’m not losing any creative steam because I’m nearing the end of the year.  Day 346…)

“Nightvision” is an instrumental by Daft Punk.  It has no words and is about two minutes long…

The time when the sky is without visible Sun
My mind is brightest.

Thoughts more vivid
Diamonds shine like stars
Whether filled with hope
Or created from conflict
I chisel gems while the Sun caters to the other side of the world

The constellations are my wishes
Beautiful and distant
But reminders of the fact that I’ve seen another night.

#WriteFree365 – Day 237: Something About Us

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(Very little lyrics to this record, but the message is thunderous.  Day 237…)

There’s something between us anyway…

Obsessed with things
Driven by possession
Because possession of things
Is supposed to bring me…

Clothed in ideas
You wear the idea of happiness like a summer hat
Shielding your eyes from the beaming heat of reality
Underneath the brim
Loneliness makes you sweat
The collection of this hopeful wardrobe is to attract..

Who has been taught parts of a woman are tiered in value
And certain parts
Mean more to the world
Even if others mean more to me
Of the many things I’ve given and taken
I’m supposed to forever hold onto everything handed to me by…

Coaxed into believing your life is meaningless
Until you have other lives to care for
Others ego will never be you
Want to condition you into whatever “normal” means to this world
You are to be as average as possible
But be unique enough to stand out to..

Despite worldly whispers in my ear
On how I should be
And what I should need
Decided no one could make me happier than
Without society’s courtesy classes
Have given your heart
And I’ve given mine.

Through all the world’s incessant berating
On how to find love
Found love.
Maybe we
Are just

#WriteFree365 – Day 16: Lose Yourself To Dance

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(I can even write these when thoughts get heavy.  Sometimes, you use that weight. Other times, well…)

The best song of 2013.

I see your shoulders weary
The burden of responsibility tests your resolve daily.
Exhausted and irritated with time,
We call leaving work “punching the clock.”

Instead of looking for relief from adulthood in adult beverages.
Find your place in 1, 2, 3, 4 that’s reserved for your hips.
And misplace worries that keep you from the rhythm.

The boogie monster needs a partner for his groove to be acknowledged.
He can’t use you if you’re too busy getting lost in the music.