#WriteFree365 – Day 86: We Found Each Other In The Dark

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(I strongly encourage you to listen to Dallas Green.  His lyrics are… just listen to the song.  Day 86…)

I heard the church bells from afar…

I reached for you
Not knowing exactly where you were
But knowing that if I didn’t
I may miss you
Even more than I miss you now

My heart
A torch lit by the flame in your smile
Our light is natural
Primitive, but true.

Though I stumbled
Bumped against things in the night that made me question if I was headed the right way
I was always sure that you would soon be at the end of my grasp

Some people are afraid of the dark
I was afraid of surrounding blackness
Tripped and knocked down to a knee
Scared to lose my balance
Until I felt your hand…

#WriteFree365 – Day 80: Sam Malone

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(Another Dallas Green entry.  His lyrics are just too good.)

This new season, it brings with it, the signs of hope…

Upon arrival, no cheers.
Not everyone knows my name
And it’s better that way
Any monuments constructed in my honor will not be tainted by the past
Any paintings of my likeness won’t use my self from years ago
Years that would have that artist creating a portrait of a totally different man.

I’m past looking at myself and asking  “who’s that?”
I’d rather be glad to tell others who I am.

#WriteFree365 – Day 71: Grand Optimist

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(I’m beginning the eleventh week with more Dallas Green.  Today was an interesting one on Twitter.  A very serious topic arose and it allowed for the world’s ugliness to be brought to light.  The writing challenge was meant for days like this.)

You give him burden sometimes, and he will escape unharmed…

I used to be proud of my naivete
Not that I didn’t know
I just held onto the hope that
Things are better than reported
I still refuse to let pessimism make my throat parched
My words will never be bitter
Whatever is in the glass
There’s enough to quench thirst
If only for awhile

But as I grow up
That glass begins to get bigger
My need to be satiated becomes bigger and more frequent.
I have a well of inspiration
One I wish over but don’t throw pennies in
Cooper may make my requests bitter

The thing about wells
Is that it must rain for them to replenish
And those stormy days that turn the world dreary
Allow for hope to be restored

At least
That’s what I’ll tell myself.

#WriteFree365 Day 5: Day Old Hate


(I really, really like these.  Day Five.)

Dallas Green is amazing.

Both of us were underwater
Speaking through waves of emotion
Overcome by the undercurrent of seeing our cruiseship hit an iceberg.
When “Let’s talk it out” meets cold shoulders,
We go down.
Here we are
Drifting in the abandonment of failing manmade creation.
Hanging onto planks of kisses past.
Anything to make us float with the weight in our hearts.

Save your breath.
We need to use our strength to salvage what remains of you and me
Not necessarily us
Because I’d hate to see you drown.
Just hold my head under
If seeing me flailing for survival works better than shallow conversation.
I’ll eventually stop struggling.

Your kiss breathed new life into me.
Thank you for bringing me to safety.