#WriteFree365 – Day 237: Something About Us

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(Very little lyrics to this record, but the message is thunderous.  Day 237…)

There’s something between us anyway…

Obsessed with things
Driven by possession
Because possession of things
Is supposed to bring me…

Clothed in ideas
You wear the idea of happiness like a summer hat
Shielding your eyes from the beaming heat of reality
Underneath the brim
Loneliness makes you sweat
The collection of this hopeful wardrobe is to attract..

Who has been taught parts of a woman are tiered in value
And certain parts
Mean more to the world
Even if others mean more to me
Of the many things I’ve given and taken
I’m supposed to forever hold onto everything handed to me by…

Coaxed into believing your life is meaningless
Until you have other lives to care for
Others ego will never be you
Want to condition you into whatever “normal” means to this world
You are to be as average as possible
But be unique enough to stand out to..

Despite worldly whispers in my ear
On how I should be
And what I should need
Decided no one could make me happier than
Without society’s courtesy classes
Have given your heart
And I’ve given mine.

Through all the world’s incessant berating
On how to find love
Found love.
Maybe we
Are just

#WriteFree365 – Day 236: Stand Out

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(Yes, I pulled from a Disney movie.  Yes, I know this is Tevin Campbell.  But Powerline sang this song, and I’m going to honor that moniker.  Day 236…)

All I need is half a chance, a second thought, a second chance, to prove I got whatever it takes…

I only have eyes for you
And I’m sure if you place yours on me
I’ll steal your heart like the show
You may not have expected someone so amazing
But your heart will give me
A standing ovation

My vanity knows
If I can get my reflection in your pupils
No one else will matter
They’ll fade out of your focus
The rest of the arena will darken
With you
Front row
Spotlights bright and on the center of attention.

#WriteFree365 – Day 205: Hello

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(Writing as the first thing I do when I wake is a very interesting wrinkle in my creative process.  Day 205…)

First sight, and I’m dazed.  in going crazy, constantly thinking if I should take a chance…

You have the kind of greeting that sounds exotic
In another language
I know what you’re saying
But don’t know how to reply
Your halo has my thoughts scrambled
The holy in your hola leaves me silent in your presence like the h
I’m at the beginning
Just breathing,
Hoping my exhales are the start of something.

Words get trapped in a labyrinth
I am the Mays
Trying to make contact
Any contact
To say “hey”
And begin the journey around the bases.

But I just get caught looking…


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Eight weeks ago.

I tasted honey in the atmosphere.
There was this you.
A you so magnificent, I questioned if I deserved it.
You looked like the most beautiful lesson the Universe bestowed upon me
Forgive me for my assumption
But don’t you think it’s a little arrogant to believe I encountered a soulmate before I had your phone number?

I tucked those boasts someplace where love at first sight had to go look.
And stared at your contact picture as if you were a stranger.
I let my heart go on a search for your memory.
Leaving a trail of seasoned crumbs big enough to remember each morsel
And small enough that insecurity would starve trying to feed off them.

This space is reserved for the map it puts together.

Sometime Tomorrow.

I don’t have the words for perfect
Let time have its moment of glory.
We know destiny is flawless.


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(I wrote this, yesterday, in three minutes. There’s more to it in my drafts, but sometimes, everything doesn’t need expansion. I’m learning not to over-write. Negative space matters, too.)

The line begins to blur
Whomever is the cause of its crookedness is not our concern
Right now, I see double:
What you think we are and where I think we’re going.
What we actually are teeters across median
We’re unsure of which is the wrong side
Eyes red, impossible to see stop signs.
It’s nothing short of a miracle death has yet to collide

Bomb Letter

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To Whom It May Concern:

I apologize if you feel the distance in my hi’s
And for your flirty texts being met with generic replies.
I can’t lie. I’ve been trying to devise a way to easily say “I’m sorry, but, goodbye.”

I’ll make this apology letter a multimedia message to fit all the extra characters.
And I’ll add some acronyms and a few smiley faces after
Maybe the colons, dashes and parentheses will soften the blow
Of your realization that you’re not the one I chose.

Press the send button like a dynamite fuse plunger
Then watch the signal travel to its destination
Nerves mix with righteousness as I release my thumb and await the impending detonation.

Planning and executing this network of bombs in my phone
Making sure they correspond and the impact reaches every necessary contact.
Judging by the loud noises and vibrations from the rattling, they have started to explode.

I feel like I’m conducting a terrorist attack.
As innocent as you are,
You are a potential proponent of infidelity whether you know it or not.
To keep my faith strong, I must make sacrifices
To honor my deity, Bismillah.

The explosives must have been a success
My phone is silent, and I haven’t turned it off.
After so much deletion, all that is left
Is empty space
People erased
But to me, she is worth the loss.

Like Sun, Like Son

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Billions of years ago, there was the Sun
Who could woo the moon with his yawn
In tenored middle C
Using his charm, he lowered her guard
And made her shine like a star
She glowed in the dark.
Even though she had to be gone before the lights were on.

He was pimp enough to make planets feel lunar
Still celestial and majestic
But he controlled their visibility
His satellites had phases
He’d wax them, and even with his interest waning
Full or eclipsed, they still remained there, rotating.

They revolved around his world,
Which revolved around him.
And when he sucked the life from them,
He left them to spin to his whims.

They were dead yo-yos to him
And these Venuses gladly accepted dangling from his fingertips
Begging to be wound just to feel his touch again.

Being the center of the galaxy consumed him
Temporary construction as destruction was constantly looming.
He, the supernova, imploded and the Sun became a black hole.
Lost is the man with nebulas to control and no plan to build a galaxy with all that gravitational hold.

Now that power is bestowed upon me.
He who could woo the moon in a tenored G major
With my charm, I can lower her guard
So that my grip on her skin left craters
And she’d feel me in her arms
Even though I would escape when the lights came on.

Captivating enough to have Saturn enthralled
I gave her my jewels
Now she believes she could be Earth
When she can’t see that I’ve gassed her and made sure she was too far to sustain life.
These Venuses gladly accept dangling from my palms
I need to prolong gravity before I, too, am lost.