Love’s Fantasy

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You should not have arrived.
I know you have no fear of where you reside
But this place isn’t for someone as sensitive
As gorgeous
as you.

What are you trying to prove?
That you can survive being with me?
To endure my brand of Domination?
Love, I didn’t know you were into that.
Be careful.
Come any closer and be restrained.
And learn that Sir is who you seek and not my first name.

You should not have found out about me.
You are too pretty for scars.
It was better for you that we were apart.
I would have left you with your innocence
Had you never discovered the perfect place to enable your submissiveness.
Now that your wrists are fastened in these stocks
Guilty is how my new prisoner appears.
I treat you like you offered an apology insincere.
You’re not sorry that everything happened to you.
You’re just sorry that you were ever caught.

Pain in your moans carries my scent.
Smell me in your orgasm.
Whiff me in and exhale exclaimss of servitude.
Don’t muffle your agreement or hum your obedience.
Seal lips without my consent and be stripped of your right to liberation.
Being bonded makes release a request
One I don’t have to readily honor.
Speak up even when arousal places a collar around your neck.
I have command over your breaths.
And the quivers that are the trebles accompanying that bass beat in your chest.
Sing, my little caged bird.
Belt out spirituals as you grow nearer to God
But there is no escape when you see stars.
This Sun still controls the gravity of your heart.

Religious climaxes now serve Amun-Ra
Do what Simon says as you listen to your Pharaoh.
Even though there is no way I’ll do it,
I will instill in you that you will obey me.
And death will be your exit before I ever allow you to go.
You are mine for the handling.
As pure as you may be, still,
Even you need your masochistic fantasy fulfilled.



Show me the canvas you have gifted me.
Touch your frame and make each article of clothing envious of my lungs.
Though they carry your scent,
They cannot breathe you in.
I get the privilege of tasting jasmine-flavored arousal through your skin
Sooner and later.

Turn around.
Turn around again.
Do it slowly,
So when you show me your back, your eyes begin to miss me.
No, darling. I’m not trying to make you dizzy.
I want to see how well you’re listening.

Good girl.
A little discipline goes a long way.
I bring subordination to your spark. It ignites in my hand.
And I place embers down your spine.
Melt along with your inhibitions.
We are not making love.
I’m fucking you with trust.
Now, with your mouth shut,

Open up.
Receive each thrust with obedience and lust
Control yourself.
No. Hand all of your self over.
Body, mind, and moan.
Scratch vows in my shoulder.
Raise your right hand and solemnly swear to honor and obey the shivers created when I hit the bottom.
Let me notarize your insides.
I’ll initial here, here, and here along your thighs.
As your hips give me power of attorney,
Engulf the contents of my will in your throat
Digest my mandate.

Thank me for being allowed to be of quality service.
Express gratitude and lick my “you’re welcome” from your lips.
Turn around.
Since flames are momentarily extinguished,
Rest until you’re needed again.

Truth Or Dare Response


Ha, ha, ha.
You and these games.
Sure, I’ll play.
You prance across my mind more than there are seconds in the day.
Nano-eternities, the length of each thought.
I ought to dare you–
Since you’re being so bold
I’ll kiss your set of lips where stories unfold.
And dialogue consists of slips of the tongue
Yeah. This game has just begun.

Truth be told, I want you to submit
On your knees in front of your king so you can serve me properly.
You get on all fours and listen to me bark orders from behind

Dare me to bite?
I dare you not to scream
Sink my teeth in your desires that needed a vampire to bring them to life.
I want to taste your…
Well, I already have.
I’ll feast on your flesh until sunrise.

If you dared to stop, I’d motivate you to continue
A grab
A smack
A forced arch of your back.
Rolling until tires go flat.
Ride until you overheat and let off a little steam.

This much is true.
I crave you.
Urges to test your body’s threshold for pleasure and pain.
But you insist on these games.
Fine, I’ll play.
Your turn…


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I inhale your perfume and let your scent linger in my nostrils.
Smell the fragrance trail left across my mustache.
It has been bottled up for awhile.
Tonight, wear it proudly.

Your earrings, when whispered to, become harp strings of desire.
My tongue commands them to be plucked.
Your head vibes to the melody
“Te necessito” a duet that will crescendo
As we add more instruments to the song.

Lips stick and leave imprints on my collar
Mouthing words unsaid
Shades of your sighs are fuller as I go deeper.
Making you speak your hues into my skin.

Wrapped like a purse.
I have grip of your waist.
An arm strapped at the shoulder, draped across your body.
My body pressed to yours,
Everything you need is felt on your hips.
Clutch me when you feel I get too far away.

Fingers lace your neck.
My palm a charm for added beauty.
Embrace from the front or the back
The excitement of wearing my jewelry is the same.

When it is time for me to go,
Leave the makeup bag alone.
I will apply the bronzer and cream foundation.
Tonight, wear it proudly.