#WriteFree365 – Day 303: Sierra Leone

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(It’s amazing what reading another’s words will do to my own creativity.  I had the pleasure of reading a friend’s screenplay.  It unlocked my own creativity so quickly, and here is today’s entry.  Day 303…)

I don’t live in Denver.  I grew up in Sierra Leone, and get pink skies will keep me warm..

When you picked me up with your hand
From the soil
And felt all that Africa fill your spirit
Did you question why I was so rough?
Did you wonder to yourself why anyone would walk past something so naturally beautiful
I mean
Who would scoff at the gem made of the unbreakable essence of the beginning of civilization?

I don’t come from Egypt
Don’t romanticize me like Giza.
And I’m not the embodiment of the freedom that Johannesburg fought for
You can’t fathom the blood spilled over me
The hearts left mutilated trying to cut me into something to be put on display
I’m not meant for glass
The emergency will be because of me
Breaking the casing of the woman who was willing to die to have me.

So darling
Ask yourself
Are diamonds really your best friend?

#WriteFree365 – Day 297: Songs For Women

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(Today is a rare time I got to write outside of home.  I actually penned this at work.  Day 297…)

Every time somebody asks me if I sing songs just to get at women, I say, “No.”  They say, “Who do you think you fooling?”

It seems that most of these
Are never written with unselfish intentions.
The wolf lies in sheets’ clothing
Lurking between the melody
Hoping to sway his prey shortly after the hook.

There aren’t many songs for women
I mean really for women
That mention their beauty without wondering what their insides feel like
If she has a limit on her dignity
If you can pay to turn her on.

Where are the songs about how women back us when no one else has
And we rarely support them
Knowing no one else has?
Put that in the measures
And give those other tunes a rest.

#WriteFree365 – Day 201: Thinking Bout You

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(After a nap, I woke up and immediately decided to freewrite.  As an experimenter at heart, I like putting my mind and soul into various scenarios to see the outcome.  Day 201…)

No, I don’t like you.  I just thought you were cool enough to kick it.  Got a beach house I can sell you in Idaho…

It must be a long journey between my mind and my lips
Memories of us
Healthy and vibrant
Travel between those two destinations
With the fantasy of future fantasies of us as luggage
They pack for unfair weather
But it’s rather windy in my mouth
And there
Words are not as beautiful as advertised.

The confirmation of what our souls already know
Turns cowardly at the edge of my tongue
Ready to jump into the ocean
But the rain from clouds above suggest that
It’s not time to go in water that deep.

“No I don’t.”
Fiction isn’t always fun.

#WriteFree365 – Day 170: Dust

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(Writing is…well, this challenge has taught me a lot about myself.  In learning who I am, my mind and spirit are going through changes.  I assume they’re for the better because of the peace I feel.  But I now know this is what I have to do, and it will grow even more difficult in the coming days.  Day 170…)

So many pages I wrote, wish I could revise them.  But the best advice I got was to keep writing, keep living, and keep loving…

I don’t want to end the same way I began
When my memory collects in your hand
Hold me so tightly
I become glass
Forget me
Only should such an emergency arise
And the fire I leave burns everything around you

While my form is still bonded by divinity
I will build a sand castle
A kingdom fortified by the pressure of monarchy
Every decree
Every drop of royal ink written into history
Is as permanent as yesterday

I write yesterdays
Believing tomorrows
Will eventually make them clear
My collection of sand
Poured into the bottom of the hourglass
Tempo doesn’t matter
Meter doesn’t matter
I just pour
And spill
And write
Until time reaches
The end

#WriteFree365 – Day 168: Pink Matter

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(I don’t have too much to say about today’s entry.  I’ll leave it to your imagination.  Day 168…)

Close my eyes and fall into you…

Worlds apart
Yet I feel her stardust around my waist
I want to meet among stars
Immerse myself in her space
And become the Orion she seeks

In the vastness of us
All that is important
Is we make nights last for years
And light years insignificant

Her hips
My solar system
Moons hover
Yearning for the touch of life
Inside her
Is the rosy essence of physics