#WriteFree365 – Day 280: All of The Above

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(I love when music makes more sense from the first time I listened to it to now that I’m older.  J-Live had shaped a lot of my writing style, and I’m honored that he even knows who I am.  Today’s entry walks through that door where I would deny parts of me because…well, I don’t know.  Day 280…)

And the fact is: even being yourself takes practice.  When you front too hard, you never get it back…

I am human
Because of the broad reach of that label
Breaking down the equation from answer back to terms
Becomes a problem if I exclude one of them
Ten and four plus six still mean the same.

I used to dismiss parts of me
That I thought had to be replaced
To somehow correctly solve me.
Never adding fear
Believing if I ignored it
It would be subtracted
People are like equations
Are like antivenin
To fix the problem
You must include the defect in it
Things just don’t add up.

I am so many things
Naive when dreaming
Scared of failure
Protector of a family tree yet to even take root
Hopeful father of a seed whose birth date is not on my calendar
But I am the sum of these things
Not just some of these things
Yes to all of it.
Problem solved.

#WriteFree365 – Day 186: Braggin’-Writes Revisited

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(I don’t think I’ve written like this in a long time. Whatever door that opens is the one I walk through.  Day 186…)

For underground metaphors, you can scrape an inch below the turf, for what it’s worth.  My style’s been developed in the core of the Earth.  The inhale’s volcanic, the exhale is seismic..

I’m good.
No need to whisper in anyone’s ear
So good
People selfishly share the secret
Making them a hero
When they didn’t mean it
I appreciate the word of mouth
Words from my mouth
Exhaled through my pen
Ink shoots when provoked like a squid
I write as defensive mechanism
Bringer of the gospel
A man no more than a man that lets you know that you can carve moments of peace
Even when life is its most hostile

Living in the forever where perfect is across the Dead Sea
There are days I feel lifeless
Today isn’t one of them
For even when my quest leaves me near my last breath
These words will never let me sink

Drug needles
Everyone claims they hold sharp objects that harm
I don’t consider myself dangerous
But potential can be deadly
My five fingers protect my freedom like The Pentagon

My blood is in vain
Addicted to the sight of it
So I open and reopen wounds
And show them to you
To let you know
Children of the Universe bleed too.

#WriteFree365 – Day 101: Always Will Be

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(J-Live has influenced a lot of my writing style.  As intelligent an MC as he is, I relate to that.  I chose one of his tracks for day 101…)

My sound’s my first love.

I love how she’s grown
Since we were teenagers
I’ve watched how trek into adulthood
And it changed our relationship

There was a time when I didn’t want much to do with her
Only talked to her when I had to in class.
We became friends before graduation
I never saw arousal in her smile
But when college came and went
And I came back home
She was

It’s cliche to describe obvious body parts like eyes
Hips lips and thighs
But yo
Each feature ripened
Polished and plump
And I started to wonder what it would be like
To have her

In the most private moments
When we catch up on times apart
And reminisce on the awkward conversations over homework
Kisses replaced words
Caresses replaced sentences
We became one
And after we were done
We realized
We had always been…