#WriteFree365 – Day 264: Everybody Here Wants You

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(It’s Sunday. Listen to Jeff Buckley.  Day 264…)

I’ll be waiting, right here, just to show you our love will blow it all away…

I’m already similar to a lot of people
They feel the light radiating from you
And wonder what that burning sensation is underneath their skin
In a crowd of stars
It’s impossible to stand out
That’s why you see just the constellations from your world

But eight minutes and twenty seconds away
Is me
A star like no other
One with life giving abilities
And can brighten up that planet of yours without seeming too distant
Or too hot

Our eyes locked like sunrise
The other stars still exist in the sky
But they disappear when my heat is the atmosphere

Some daydream in the night
You’re still stargazing
And I’m waiting for it to be dawn in your world

#WriteFree365 – Day 222: Last Goodbye

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(Jeff Buckley made music perfect for the reverence of Sundays.  Today is no different.  Day 222…)

Kiss me.  Please, kiss me.  Kiss me out of desire, baby, not consolation..

I didn’t win anything
You see confetti and hear cheers
While I’m drowning in tears
These are different perspectives of the so-called game

You have a present for me.
A lovely parting gift
Giving my best resulted in a farewell that doesn’t cover the expenses used to go for the grand prize

Though I’ll never be a returning contestant
But at least we have the experience.

#WriteFree365 – Day 180: Lilac Wine

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(Jeff Buckley made music that is perfect for Sundays.  Day 180…)

When I think more than I want to think, do things I never should do, I drink more than I ought to drink because it brings me back you…

You gave me warmth
Warmth that impairs my judgment
Offered my heart to a vice
You made love a side effect
A hallucination that
When under the influence
I believed
You were there

You are gorgeous in purple
Blinded by your beauty
Not knowing you crushed your grapes of wrath
And sweetened them with your kiss
A drink
Or several
And the blurry image of your face
Is enough

You turned a miracle into debauchery
You held my heart
Squeezed its juices
Mixed it with the poison in yours
Then handed it to me knowing it was intoxicating.
It was so good.

#WriteFree365 – Day 47: Lover, You Should’ve Come Over


(This is one of my ten favorite songs ever.  Sundays are for Jeff Buckley.  Day 47…)

It’s not too late…

I never ask where you are
Or where you have been
Because my imagination places a mark in my thoughts
That says “you are here”
Should you
Or I
Ever get lost.

Patience is worn thin like Satin trousers
Made into tents from the campfire in my nearby loins.

Every ruffle of curtain mimics the sway of your negligee.
Open windows match the look in your eyes when..
When you…

#WriteFree365 – Day 19: Forget Her

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(On Twitter, I tweet every Sunday, “It’s Sunday. Listen to Jeff Buckley.”  The reason why is I view Sunday morning as a very reverent time, and his music carries that reverent tone to it.  He inspires Day 19.)

Start here, and listen to everything he’s ever made.  Rest in peace, Jeff Buckley.

The toughest part about letting someone go is convincing your heart that you had to let them go.
For awhile, your burden feels heavier because there isn’t a partner there to help.
Each memory, an iron plate on the bar that I try to lift to exercise that demon.

Amnesia of the soul is a self-inflicted disease.
A brief deterioration to refurbish.
Not to restore the spirit to mint condition
But to rid it of conditions no longer healthy.

Sensations leave the skin like imp
Peace is a holy incantation that your body sometimes rejects
Because it remembers how the first kiss healed
In order for self to believe medicine is now poisonous
We trick our hearts into surgery.
Whatever the sedative
Alone time
All the above
We feed it into the bloodstream while we make an effort to forget.

Trust the physician inside you
Though it feels like you’re collapsing into yourself
You will be better
You don’t have to become a black hole.
You will shine once again.