4/8/2013 Freewrite

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(Editor’s Note: Seven minutes and funk rhythms.)

I wanted to write
So I did.
So I am.
Without any direction, deadline, or dedication to theme
Other than making words stick together
Even when the glue is oily.

It’s funny how we call these sentences
The words are forced to obey these lines of imprisonment.
But it’s for my freedom
I snitch through them and they take the fall
Or cushion mine
Or add to the impact.
It often depends on their whims.

These words are birthed from the place I fear most
Their existence astounds me.
How strong are the bonds between letters that they survive such a chaotic place and exit when they see fit?

I want to write
They want to be written.
I don’t know whose ego is winning
Mine for believing I can control
Or theirs for forcing inspiration whenever they wish it.

Listening To: The Foreign Exchange

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(Editor’s Note: Freewrite time: 5 minutes)

Shiny new bracelets
One reach
One extension of self
And any passerby can see them.

Thy’re so heavy
They make it hard to move
No matter
I’m not imprisoned since I’m comfortable with sitting.
Jewelry for the self-suppressed

Silver lined hope
If I ever stood
And used my own strength
This wristwear would mean much more to me removed.

Those who do not move do not feel their chains.

Listening To: Curtis Mayfield

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(Editor’s Note: Ten-minute freewrite.)

I bought you a cake
And I know how corny it is to you to celebrate
But I am happy for you.
I don’t eat that many sweets
But you need a symbol of all that is you

I didn’t buy candles that number your age
Just one
With a stem made of infinity
And a trick flame
Because I need a symbol of all that is me.
Trying to put out that light is futile
But that’s so you can keep wishing.
The best inside practical joke ever.

Sing along to bask in the pomp of anew
But never forget the inhales of before
Breathe your desires over the fire
For we shall see them.
And many more.

Listening To: Tame Impala

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(Editor’s Note: This is the third installment of this freewrite series.  This time, I decided to play an artist I had never heard before to see what happens.  This is the result. Time: 15 minutes.)

Words cannot express my thoughts
They seem to be better read than said.
So I embed them in my former vice
Hoping they float to you.
Liquid courage, indeed.

Recycling is overrated
Or just not for my environment
It has thrived in just disposing of waste
Ignorant of landfills across oceans.

Maybe they’ll find you at your secluded paradise.
Maybe some bird will snatch them believing it to be their meal.
I wish I was as confident as the contents inside
The ones that I packaged
And the contents I consumed to get started on this tedious project.

Drops of the past stain my present.
This situation is no different
And I cork and toss yesterday and tomorrow into horizon
Hoping they reach its destination
A better place I can’t see but still believe exists.

So you,
To Whom I Am Concerned:
As light as this will feel upon picking up,
It certainly is not empty.
I will not quench your thirst,
But I hope to have more permanent effects.
Until we meet again,
Consider this the ship I built.

Listening To Series: Bill Withers

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(Since I liked the challenge of timed freewriting to a particular artist’s musical catalog, I decided to make this a bit of a series.  This time, I used Bill Withers; and I wrote for fifteen minutes.  This is the unedited result.)

Hold onto me like tenored notes of hope.
Clutch the song I sing into your chest.
Warm me and be warmed by me.
Our bond is reciprocal

Born from the imagination in your heart.
Crafted strictly to be yours.
There is no mold
Even if my incubator has been hardened by reality
By settling.
By prioritized faithlessness.

We hug the way God intended.
Golden embrace
“Do unto others…”
I have one rule:
Never let me go
And I will do the same.
I shake your soul on it.

Give me footing in your fantasy
I will steady the nervousness of the tomorrows you think about
The ones you don’t share that often.
The ones where I see you smiling the most.

And I will make belief.
That’s where I reside.
If you really need to see me for one reassuring hug,
Just close your eyes
And open your mind.