Unconventional Truth (Repost)

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(So, I was digging through old emails, and I stumbled across this poem I wrote five years ago.  Five years ago!  It wasn’t on this site because I wrote it back on Blogger, and I haven’t posted in months, so I’m reposting it now.  For those you that haven’t gone this far back, this is my old writing style.)

She loves him
For sure
As pure, some would say, as God’s love for them
She holds it, breathes it
Shows it, believes it
But she will not make full commitment

She feels that she has no right to cuff even though for her, he would turn himself in with no questions.
When they touched, she held out her wrists and cardiac was immediately arrested.
He stilled her heart
Easily unsealed the lock to it and made sure he protected it.

“I love you.”
In every way but aloud, she expresses it.
Those three words are shackles
How can she be that bold and let him know that he completes her so
When circumstance beyond her control keeps their communication strictly techno?

Listening over phone
Texting him smiles she hopes will convey the same emo.
Shunning, for now, the wondering how they will meet again.

The image of him in her brain brings a smile to her face
But nothing is the same as being beside him when she rose
So she says it without saying it.
In her eyes, it glows
Never asking him about repaying it.
Why? She knows…

He loves her
For sure
Not as pure, some would say, as her love for him
He holds it, breathes it
Shows it, believes it.
But he will not make full commitment

He feels his love is not enough even though for him, she would be the exact measurement
Of affection and trust like persistent medicine to cure his doubt; and make sure his stubbornness accepted it
She willed into his heart
Exceedingly thrilled by how she got to it so effortlessly

“I adore you.”
In every way but aloud, he expresses it.
Those three words. Too deep for Prince to define.
So he tries to get his impatience to subside by putting passion into his pen day and night

Wishing in his poems
Etching his desires and hopes into the pages with the same emo
Shunning, for now, the wondering how he can see her again

He writes about everything
Because to him, that is what she is
He is writing about her
Every noun. Every verb.
Whatever topic is preferred
Within, the poems from his soul give him the similar sensation of whole
Because with her, that is what he is

The reflection of her in his eyes floods his mind with creativity
But nothing can be as good as the bending of time when she was close.
So he says it without saying it.
In his smile, it shows.
Never asking her about repaying it.
Why? She knows.

They love each other
For sure
As pure, some would say, as the truth that unconditional love can have outside conditions placed on it.
They hold it, breathe it.
Show it, believe it.
But they will not make full commitment

They feel their love is a crutch, even though for the other, their support is what gets them through this stormy weather.
Until one can construct a raft or bridge similar to the bond that ties them together.
They build through their hearts
Greedily filled with the warmth of knowing in each other’s arms is destiny.

“I miss you.”
In every way but aloud, they express it.
Those three words turn reality dark
But the flame illuminates any shades of gray
And in conversation, they paint.

Mixing the rainbow.
Caressing the canvas with the right strokes to display the same emo
Shunning, for now, the wondering how they can create new memories to use to reminisce.

At this rate and time, distance is a problem they cannot solve
Yes they are fonder but for their impatience, there is no answer in sight
The math is all wrong
It takes too long to get to the why must they wait to reunite

The image of them is beautifully painful
To be so near and so far from the one they chose
So they carry it, each day, and.
In their lives, it grows
Never asking about saying it.
Why? They know.

#DidYouWriteToday? – 420

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I received an email:

“I tried on your last name today.
It dangled like hoop earrings.
The wind wanted to carry it away
But it just made me more noisy in my travels.

It hurt
Just a slight pinch
It hurt
Like love
Trying not to focus on the pain doesn’t ease the anticipation
Looking at forever
Didn’t make today sting any less
I just want you to know
I went through with it.”

I read this, thinking,
Is that why the email before this says
“I don’t need you”?
I must have been another hole in her head.

#52Poems – Week One: Erasing Egypt

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(I’m still writing a freewrite every day.  The reason why they aren’t posted is because, frankly, I want to make money off my words.  I can’t show you everything I’m working on.  In addition to that, I’m also committing to finish a poem each week.  I need to grow my skill.  If I am to charge for these words, I want them to be better.  This is the first full poem I’ve completed since #WriteFree365.  Let me know what you think.  Week one…)

How do you forget memories carved into your being?
The history of you is etched into the sides of the pyramids in my ribs
Ancient and beautiful
And unforgettable.
The sands of time hardened around my heart
And you left your story in hieroglyphs

So now the task to restore that which had been defiled has begun
But whenever I look at that mausoleum in my soul, a Sphinx appears.
My head still claims king
Despite you sweeping in like Sahara wind
And removing what it knows about moving on
The rest of me continues to lie in the same place you left it ages ago.
Claiming to be king of a throne no longer inhabited,
And lying.
To destroy such a landmark
Would mean to eliminate an entire civilization from a planet that owes its modern existence to it
To you
To us.

There’s three sides to every story
Yours, mine, and the truth
Together in the sky
We built walls as we fall to the ground
Our sands
Solid enough to build a monument as time tumbled through the hourglass
Proud of what we built with our love
Like pyramids aren’t built to honor the dead.

How do you forget memories drilled into your teeth?
Did you fill them with precious metals
To ignore the rotting flesh inside the cavities?
I guess sweets are bad for your health
The kiss of a pharoah is feral
Every tooth encases the nerves
And somehow you forgot how I worked my way to the root.
I can still see the damage done when you smile
Denial is the canal that treated a deserted area of your world
It was foolish to attempt to destroy the pyramids
Like cutting off my nose to spite my face.
The emeralds and gold in our chests
Can be treasured.
And can be buried forever without destroying the mausoleums encasing them

You changed the climate
Made an ocean of the desert
Turning Hamunaptra into Atlantis
Proving the best way is to turn real civilizations into myths.
But you and I know
We used to exist.

#WriteFree365 – Day 354: Even The Darkness Has Arms

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(Peace to Pages Matam.  The first few lines are his.  Day 354…)

Even the darkness has arms, but they ain’t got you.  Baby, I have it, and I have you, too…

I believe the stars are made in your image
And a new constellation is born every time you smile
And I want to hold you like the night.

Your love shines through my embrace like newly polished armor
Reward for saving my side of the world when I thought the light was gone forever
When I was afraid of myself
You made the room less scary
I have so much night the Sun can’t be seen
But you illuminate in such a way that parts of you are already visible
And I’m so glad I get to hug you each night.

#WriteFree365 – Day 351: Take On Me

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(Two weeks left in 2014.  I’m surprised I haven’t written to this, yet.  Day 351…)

You’re all the things I’ve got to remember.  You’re shying away.  I’ll be coming for your love, okay?…

After hiding from what you seek
Ready or not
Here it comes

The best love is a surprise
It catches you off guard while you’re in your favorite secret spot
Run all you want
Find the least conspicuous place in your world
And I’ll still find you.

I can hear your soul giggling from miles away
Finding you is as easy as you telling me to find you.

#WriteFree365 – Day 349: Professional

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(I haven’t had much sleep today.  So much creative energy flowing through me.  Day 349…)

No, this is love.  It always makes its way back around.  It’s dispensable.  To fall is unacceptable…

I’ve seen your work
How you stay committed to it
While your heart is tucked away in your bag in the back
Is nothing short of remarkable.

How you inspire it
While keeping your heart away from it
Is a skill I never wish to acquire
But for you
Falling is unacceptable.

Make that money.
Spend the time and when it gets taxing
Know your refund will arrive soon.
And when you get that check
Hopefully it covers the expenses needed to keep you living.

Black Messiah

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(Inspired by this album that dropped a few hours ago.  This is how inspiration works, sometimes…)

It ain’t that easy to live.
In a time where Black lives are treated as worthless
By people claiming to be examples of godliness
We have salvation.
In a time where the melanin in my skin can get me killed
Its elegance radiates through this record.

A picture should be worth a thousand deaths
Documented evidence as payment for the myriad of names we hope rest in peace
While we expose the charade called justice
They try their hardest to eliminate us from the photo
Sugar daddies throwing money at their infidelity
And then wonder why we question if they really love us
Repeating history like Back to the Future
But let me tell you
This ain’t a movie, dawg.

We have a soundtrack to our movement
It won’t stop til it’s done
And no amount of prayer to the higher power you falsely represent
Will save you from us

No more fear
We will no longer betray the heart of our people
Walking through the door fist first
Blasting music you’ve never heard before
Trying to reverse the outcome of a future doc getting shot
Let me tell you again
This ain’t a movie, dawg.

This is what freedom sounds like
Where many instruments of love combine to form God
We make love to the finger style riffs in the guitar
Fight for love in the bassline
Spread love over the high hat
And when that love moves us
We improvise our vocal message of love
Because sometimes
Love is the most divine adlib
Key change
And bridge

Keep your Christ to yourself
We’ll save ourselves while He deals with the crimes you’ve committed in His name
Only from a people rooted in love
Could something so regal be created
This is love
We sing along, still unsure of the words
But that rise in our souls
Lets us know that
We don’t have to wait for joy in another life.

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