#WriteFree365 – Day 143: Constant Knot

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(Occasionally, my choice for favorite song from Dallas Green changes.  As of this moment, this one is the choice for Day 143…)

How do I end up this way: a constant knot in my gut, tied with uncertainty and with lust?

The butterflies in my stomach have gotten fat from feeding on fear.
They stumble over themselves.
Where innocent flutter informed me of the unknown
They lean, applying pressure to my loins, adding to the stress on my heart
So I feel lust and ignore the feeling I’d actually be able to love

Love should make one nervous
It’s grandiose beauty makes us question our capability to be its vessel.
But I’ve allowed these winged messengers of nervousness get so heavy
That I believe there is no room for you in my heart
Only space to release arousal

The sigh after we make love
Is filled with the relief that the omission love we created is enough keep my heart from exploding
And damaging yours.

#WriteFree365 – Day 47: Lover, You Should’ve Come Over


(This is one of my ten favorite songs ever.  Sundays are for Jeff Buckley.  Day 47…)

It’s not too late…

I never ask where you are
Or where you have been
Because my imagination places a mark in my thoughts
That says “you are here”
Should you
Or I
Ever get lost.

Patience is worn thin like Satin trousers
Made into tents from the campfire in my nearby loins.

Every ruffle of curtain mimics the sway of your negligee.
Open windows match the look in your eyes when..
When you…

I Know

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I know.
I do.
Your aim is true.
I don’t have to be there to know you have me targeted.
But distance hinders your accuracy.

Your fingers must be cramping
But instead of letting them relax,
You clench them in fists.
Squaring off with an opponent you cannot see
Shadow boxing with a silhouette’s memory.
I’ve hooked you without throwing a jab.
Swing as hard you can.
I’m still out your reach.

As noticeable as I am
And as obvious as my absence is,
I am not hard to miss.
So take another shot at that coyness and see what happens.
I know you know I know.
That’s why I no longer ask.

Welcome To Hell


Is it hot in here,
Or is it just us?
It’s definitely both.
As we pull close,
Sweat coats palms.
I’m not nervous because I live here
While you’re not supposed to be here, at all.

But you are
Looking for a partner to waltz with,
And you chose the Mata Hari of lust.
Tango with El Diablo
Let me guide your steps in this lambada
Forbidden synchronized rhythms until I pin your leg to my hip.
And grip you by your spine with your body limp.

Give me your soul
Bow to the temptation you created.
I am the Devil
And you’re a sinner wishing to turn this room into your bordello.
Damnation is your salvation.
This is better than Heaven
Up there, satisfaction takes so much work.
While down here, the entire moment is coated in pleasure.

Hark, my fallen angel.
Come bathe in this inferno
Don’t worry about losing the spark because this flame is eternal.
Spend your lifetime with Lucifer.
Make me your god.
From what you’ve been telling me,
The one you currently serve hasn’t been doing His job.

Swear allegiance to me.
Your faith in Him is wavering.
No need for truth-telling to shame me
I don’t have to believe.
I’m not the judge of your infidelity.
I’m your co-defendant.
And until you’re on trial pleading for lenience,
Let’s enjoy these last moments of your innocence.

If He is love
I’m the Savior of those just trying to fuck.
That’s why you’re here.
I am what you want.