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Have a conversation with her
And then try to tell me the deity you serve is not a woman.
Monotheism wrapped in feminity
She pulls prayers from lips
Hallowed be thy waist
Ay, men seek her understanding.
Such royalty and grace
That loyalty is embraced by her subjects
They carry out her will across the empire of the page.

She is divine inspiration to testaments new and old.
Truth be told, she’s the Goddess of dope.
She is the Hera in heroine,
However you spell it.
You will crave for her to save you
Then be addicted to her rescue
Asking her to protect you from the needle you choose to hold.

Aim for the vein.
Shoot her serum from the pen into your bloodstream and hallucinate from her visions.
Shiver from your fixation on her sentences.
Become so obsessed with the contents of her vials
That you invoke her name, begging for repentence.

So beautiful is she whom adjectives worship
Making devotees feel more connected to her words by the letter like cursive.
Whether her followers are junkies or zealots,
The belief is worth it.

She bestows blessings by the gram
Her creativity in the pot, mixed with grammar
Produces therapeutic anasthesia
From her hand and wrist to yours

See the aura of Isis in her irises.
Disciples build towers of Babel
Just to be closer to her in the sky.
It’s a bird
It’s a plane
It’s your mama
It’s your daddy.
It’s the heroin heroine that sits on high.

Cover Girl

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Pull it off the rack in the grocery store.
Let’s focus on the cover.
Before getting to the Table of Contents
It becomes obvious why this was next to the tabloids.

Aimed at women with inquiries wilder than alien theories,
The articles inside pique the interest of the unnassured.
Look at the titles that pop off the page that mask their hidden motives:
“One hundred ways to deflate self-esteem.”
“Twenty things you didn’t know could rob you of your pride if you let it.”
“Hey! You’re both too fat and too skinny” by writers who turn dejection into bonuses.
“Can your womanhood be stripped? Well lets find out!”
“Six tricks to fool you into pleasing an idea of a man we planted in your head.”

They take your heart, and you allow it to be sold.
Giving it to them once the register scans the barcode.
I don’t want to tell you what to do
And not all magazines shoot at your dignity.
Just don’t subscribe to read your own insecurity by the issue.

Just be you.
Stop focusing on that cover, girl.

Like Sun, Like Son

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Billions of years ago, there was the Sun
Who could woo the moon with his yawn
In tenored middle C
Using his charm, he lowered her guard
And made her shine like a star
She glowed in the dark.
Even though she had to be gone before the lights were on.

He was pimp enough to make planets feel lunar
Still celestial and majestic
But he controlled their visibility
His satellites had phases
He’d wax them, and even with his interest waning
Full or eclipsed, they still remained there, rotating.

They revolved around his world,
Which revolved around him.
And when he sucked the life from them,
He left them to spin to his whims.

They were dead yo-yos to him
And these Venuses gladly accepted dangling from his fingertips
Begging to be wound just to feel his touch again.

Being the center of the galaxy consumed him
Temporary construction as destruction was constantly looming.
He, the supernova, imploded and the Sun became a black hole.
Lost is the man with nebulas to control and no plan to build a galaxy with all that gravitational hold.

Now that power is bestowed upon me.
He who could woo the moon in a tenored G major
With my charm, I can lower her guard
So that my grip on her skin left craters
And she’d feel me in her arms
Even though I would escape when the lights came on.

Captivating enough to have Saturn enthralled
I gave her my jewels
Now she believes she could be Earth
When she can’t see that I’ve gassed her and made sure she was too far to sustain life.
These Venuses gladly accept dangling from my palms
I need to prolong gravity before I, too, am lost.

Seek Ye First


She searches for validation.
Not from crowds
Just one.
Her deity on Earth.
She places her faith in His omnipotence
And when she sins against His Will,
She begs for Him to accept her repentance.

If she’s forgotten how to pray,
He has the rope to tie her hands
Head bowed
Not gazing upon His face unless He allows
Otherwise, receive His wrath.
She lays the troubles of her mind at the altar His lap.
Still, waiting on blessings to be given.
To be told she has been a good girl
Then, receiving reward for being obedient.

She orders her steps in the Word.
He demands His Bible be heard in the church she constructed in His name.
This gospel should reverberate in her temple’s walls
So all can see who she worships and praises

Her mind is in depeche mode
Yet He is only her authority because she chose Him as her own, personal Jesus.
Someone to hear her prayers,
And someone who cares.
Because she reaches out with trust,
She wants His touch to be there.

She yearns for approval.
“Job well done” makes life complete.
His “yes” is her salvation.
Worthy is He to whom she offers her belief.


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Time to dig.
Clock in with tools at my waist.
Prepared to shovel away to meet the day’s quota.

I swing my pickaxe
And begin ravishing the goods inside
Gorgeous is the raw blackness in my hands
You stick to me like soot
And I love holding you, the fuel to the fire.

Through the pressure
We create something precious.
In my grip,
I change the chemical properties of your body
And crystallize your climax
Orgasms are like diamonds:
Only another can scratch them.
And after you’ve had them,
You become so possessive.
But you’re the one who’s mine.

Love The Way We Lie (Medicine)


“I’m sorry.”
“I’ll never do it again.”
My sincerity is secondary to her acceptance.
I may or may not mean it
But if she believes me,
Then it doesn’t matter if all I’m giving her is a pipe dream.

I pull immunity from her lips.
My fingers smell like her forgiveness.
She embraces my apology with open legs.
Wanting to be filled with love
She gets filled with hope instead.
In and out, up and down cries turn moans.
Orgasms numb the gashes in her soul.
Time heals all wounds
She needs my ointment to take hold.
And my stroke at midnight keeps her medicine on schedule.

I’ll make it better.
Where our relations have dried,
I will make it wetter.
That is the truth
It’s just not how she needs it applied
She doesnt care
At least, that’s what her body tells her
Her heart agrees, too.
She loves the way we lie.

Welcome To Hell


Is it hot in here,
Or is it just us?
It’s definitely both.
As we pull close,
Sweat coats palms.
I’m not nervous because I live here
While you’re not supposed to be here, at all.

But you are
Looking for a partner to waltz with,
And you chose the Mata Hari of lust.
Tango with El Diablo
Let me guide your steps in this lambada
Forbidden synchronized rhythms until I pin your leg to my hip.
And grip you by your spine with your body limp.

Give me your soul
Bow to the temptation you created.
I am the Devil
And you’re a sinner wishing to turn this room into your bordello.
Damnation is your salvation.
This is better than Heaven
Up there, satisfaction takes so much work.
While down here, the entire moment is coated in pleasure.

Hark, my fallen angel.
Come bathe in this inferno
Don’t worry about losing the spark because this flame is eternal.
Spend your lifetime with Lucifer.
Make me your god.
From what you’ve been telling me,
The one you currently serve hasn’t been doing His job.

Swear allegiance to me.
Your faith in Him is wavering.
No need for truth-telling to shame me
I don’t have to believe.
I’m not the judge of your infidelity.
I’m your co-defendant.
And until you’re on trial pleading for lenience,
Let’s enjoy these last moments of your innocence.

If He is love
I’m the Savior of those just trying to fuck.
That’s why you’re here.
I am what you want.

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