#WriteFree365 – Day 365: Liberation

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(We’ve reached the end.  One year of writing every day of 2014.  I still don’t quite understand all the feelings I have, but I’m glad I did it.  I’m glad I stayed committed.  Day 365…)

I sacrifice every breath I breathe.  To make you believe, I’ll give my life away…

I just want to be free.
Prison is bigger than these bars
This is a work release program
Where freedom isn’t free
The price of my soul is well worth it.

Freedom is no longer viewing life as a sentence
Living extends well beyond ending punctuation
And I don’t need to place unnecessary commas
Life runs on
And who knows where it stops

So I write until I can’t
Take my life and create as many sentences as I can
Because I’ll die behind these bars
And I want enough evidence in my permanent record to justify giving my life to the pen.

Just because you’re not an inmate number doesn’t mean you’re free
And just because you see me shackled inside four walls doesn’t mean my life is no longer mine

#WriteFree365 – Day 364: Star/Pointro

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(Nearing the end.  Day 364…)

When that adrenaline get in their system, it get em out on a quest for stardom.  Could be a motherfucking problem…

How many times do I have to tell you
The shine in your soul is brighter than anything inside a glass counter
The miniature telescopes used to measure quality
Can’t place a value on something so precious
Praise your soul
Don’t try to get it appraised.

How do you think I’m able to see you
In a world where there’s so much darkness?
Your glow is so beautiful
Others look to you to find where home is

In even the heaviest times
You still are measured in light years
You’re not a falling star
Those are stones masquerading with the emulation of your illumination
Don’t compare your rarity to meteor showers
You shine every night.

#WriteFree365 – Day 363: Between the Sheets

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Classic.  Day 363…)

I like the way you receive me.  Girl! I love the way you relieve me…

My hands
Her everything
She becomes the sands of time slipping through my fingers

I knead her
Massaging from inside and out
With her frame trying to hold me
Bites and kisses on her skin
Creating outside her margins
My handwriting is everywhere
From her upper lip to her lower lips
Excess doodles and unique signatures outline our bodies of work
The rhythms and rests we compose
Conductor and orchestra
And the audience gets to see it all.

#WriteFree365 – Day 362: Are You Experienced?

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(I wanted to listen to Jimi today.  Day 362…)

I know you’ll probably scream and cry that your little world won’t let you go…

The best part about this Universe
Is its infinite size
Meaning if you don’t want to stop growing
The Universe can handle it

The only thing keeping you grounded is you
Your world will be there when you return from parts unknown
How else will you truly know if you stick to just what you know?

#WriteFree365 – Day 361: Web

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(Whenever I perform, Black Thought is whose style I emulate.  Calm, yet commanding.  Not boisterous, but there is a presence.  Day 361…)

Until I touch the mic, y’all people ain’t seen danger yet…

I’m a superhero
One random day
I was bitten by a bug that forever enhanced my life

As clumsy as I am
And as smart as I think I am
Growing into this superhuman ability takes time
I’m still learning all I can do

But this fabric I weave
So intricate from simplicity
One line at a time
Allows me to traverse life
I don’t need to leap tall buildings
That dude is an alien
And I’d rather be closer to the people I’m trying to save.

Tingling senses that let me know someone is in danger
A line of mine travels and spreads to catch them from doom.
I don’t need thanks
This is a blessing
Just another day for your friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man

#WriteFree365 – Day 360: Fuck The Police

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(Like Jay Dee says in the intro, I do not condone violence against law enforcement.  Day 360…)

See, now we got these fake cops.  Thought he had a gun (blaow) made a mistake cops…

This isn’t about all of them
But those who claim to be good
Are awfully silent when their associates protect and serve an oppressive agenda
We steady scream
“Not all of us”
But our cries fall on deaf ears
Handcuffing us
Telling us it’s right to remain silent
And anything we say
Can and will be used against you
In the court of a system where gunshots and gavel bangs mean exactly the same to Blacks.

So fuck em.
Fuck those who wear the fifth amendment like Kevlar
To protect the criminals they work the beat with
Put an APB out on justice
Because it’s been missing for far too long
And law enforcement needs to do it’s fucking job.

#WriteFree365 – Day 359: Silent Night

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(Merry Christmas, if you celebrate.  The Temptations’ rendition of this hymn is my favorite song of the season.  The last week begins.  Day 359…)

As I sit around by the fireplace, watching the gleaming tree.  If I had one wish in this world, it would be that all men would be free…

And blue.
Our country has a fascination with bloodshed underneath starry skies
But today
Let there be no extra proof the flag is still there
We need healing
Fingers cramped from squeezing triggers
Or fists raised in freedom
Hug someone
Tell someone you love them.
Rest underneath the star spangled, victim soaked banner
Then rip it open like the joy that comes in the morning

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