#WriteFree365 – Day 239: The Panties

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(There isn’t much to say about this song.  It’s awesome, and I finally wrote to it Day 239…)

I got so much that I want to do, but I can show you better than I can say.  Let me show you…

I understand that you cover your comfort carefully
With woven inhibitions
But if you’d step out of them
After I’ve pulled them to your feet
You’ll see my skin as your fabric
Will more than suffice.

I want to kiss
Put my lips to fertile soil
To show appreciation for earth granting me privilege to plow
Shovel discovers treasure buried
Beneath layers of apprehension
I carve a place for seeds to be planted
Inside you
Feels like the Garden of Eden before sin
Something God created
Perfectly made for an original man.
Remove the angel print in white protecting your gates
And let’s rewrite Genesis
Where knowing we’re naked is knowledge
For the holiness in us.

#WriteFree365 – Day 198: Umi Says

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(I don’t know how I went almost two hundred days without this song even bring considered for an entry.  I guess my soul knows what it’s doing.  Day 198…)

Sometimes, I don’t want to be a soldier.  Sometimes, I just wanna be a man, but…

It’s hard being the Sun.
Darkness occurs when the world turns its back on me.
Responsible for life to it, though surrounding planets can bear none
Ninety percent of existence around me is lifeless
Some even gave up their names to fit the rhetoric.

But who am I if not light?
I refuse to be a dying star
A footnote in the Universe’s magazine
Astronomers of generations future
My children
Wondering where I am now
Following faint trails of stardust
Into the hole that swallowed me.

Is in me
It does not control me
I’m better than the Sun
My light reaches more than one body in one galaxy
Solar systems telescopes can’t see feel my warmth
The world closest to me
Turns its back to me because I am too powerful for it to face.
Every day
I’m still here
Every day
I shine with purpose

I want to collapse into myself
But eight minutes twenty seconds away
Happiness awaits my dawn.

#WriteFree365 – Day 111: The Boogie Man Song

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(Day 111: The New Danger)

Let me be your favorite nightmare.  Close your eyes and I’ll be right there…

I live in your bed even when I’m not underneath the sheets with you
Your pillows carry my scent
And every night
You lie awake
Wondering if this time
Well be the time
You see me.

Who’s afraid?
Certainly not you.
Anticipation keeps you checking your phone for monsters
I live in the closet
Those doors closed to everyone that doesn’t invade your mind
Thoughts of me intrude so much that you beg for me to come take you.

Try to get some sleep.