#WriteFree365 – Day 335: greatestlove

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(I start the twelfth consecutive month of writing today.  It’s gone by quickly and slowly, and I still haven’t fully processed all the changes I’ve experienced.  Thirty days to go.  Day 335…)

Girl, we’re like the perfect melody that keeps getting better.  We could stand the test of time…

The beauty of chemistry
Is two complete entities
Can combine into something powerful.
And we
Are an incredible composition.

I speak our love
Then when I need to rest
Because even God rested from His love
I inhale your love
Mixing it with the love in my lungs
To make combustible adoration
That will be sung forever.

You kiss like inspiration
You smile like divinity
I love you like my action of writing
Human interpretation of a godly gift
But every bit is from the heart.

#WriteFree365 – Day 321: Mary-Go-Round

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(This is one of my favorite Musiq songs.  Back when he and Eric Roberson were composing songs, joints like this were created.  Day 321…)

How can love be so kind and so gentle, then turn and be so cold?

You would think
A woman so pure
God Himself decided to foster a love child inside her
That she wouldn’t treat love like a schoolyard prank

Holding on for dear love
Became holding on for dear life
Swept up in the force inside your spirit
That my heart began to orbit yours
In the beginning, it was fun
Smiling while revolving faster and faster
Thinking we were moving towards becoming one
We were unraveling
Who knew joint revolutions would cause a tornado?
I’m sorry I didn’t stop us from becoming a natural disaster
Still grasping onto you is nauseating
There is a cyclone drilling into the pit of my stomach
Begging me to let go

The super glue in your hug has yet to dissolve
I continue to hold onto childish love
Hoping you slow down
And make it safe to ride with you again.

#WriteFree365 – Day 265: Whoknows

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(This song…Is not as romantic as Musiq would want you to believe.  Honestly, it was difficult to write to it.  Day 265…)

Who knows what may happen if we act on our attraction and lose ourselves inside a world made for us and no one else?

This isn’t love
To say that we are making it
Is more of a guess than we tend to believe
It certainly isn’t impossible to create something so divine
From something so divine
But to say, for sure,
Is taking ownership of your heart
And I don’t know it that well
You may not want me anywhere near it

But your body
And mine
We’ve decided to bare to each other
Like secrets told to those we love
And maybe
I love you is somewhere on my lips
But I’d rather look for it
After I’ve bitten I want you into your neck
If it gets lost
We can choose to find it
If it’s that important to us in the morning.