#WriteFree365 – Day 256: Head Like A Hole

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(Nothing to say. Flipped a twenty-five year old song. Day 256…)

Bow down before the one you serve.  You’re gonna get what you deserve…

You gather so much information from me
Proving that learning is a lifelong hobby
Those who can’t
Teach those who can
To do it the way I like.

There’s a proper way to study
To ingest facts and opinions sourced from my brain to
Your brain
Knowledge is power
The library of my history stretches far down the halls in your mouth
That the pages of my family tree are at the end of your throat.

Sapiosexual turned bibliophile.
My work cited on your tongue
And you received lesson dictated

#WriteFree365 – Day 28: Collector

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(It’s no secret. I listen to anything I determine good.  The song selections of this writing challenge fully confirm that.  With that said, peace to Trent Reznor.)

I pick things up. I am a collector..

One man’s trash is another’s treasure
I’ve seen so many jewels left on the ground
Near trash cans
Thrown away like nearly finished cigarettes
Fading flames once kept lit by lips dismissive of cancerous effects

But these are not diseased
These are seashells by the shore
Beautiful abandoned homes that can only be retrieved once waters have died
Listen to them
And you can hear the blood that flowed from kisses past.
Oceans of love once surrounded these fragile residences

I try to keep them from being stepped on
Further damaging them beyond livable conditions
Some of them look just like mine
A vintage stamp too good to be licked and sent away
I preserve them
For a reason I’ve yet to discover
But, I preserve them
Every last one..

#WriteFree365 Day 6: Closer

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(Day Six.  I don’t have an answer or a systematic plan for the subject.  I go through whichever door I’m led to open.)


I can bring you closer to God
With a pull on your neck
And from inside unfinished temples
Begging to be anointed.
Meet your Maker
You owe me your faith
Through your works,
You’ve died and seen my face in your demise.
Holy is the journey away from mortality
From flesh,
You become martyr
And die with my name painted across your lips.

Worship the perfection death brings.
Reap consecration from the grimness of being without God for so long.
The wages of our sin is death.
Be forgiven
And repeat until salvation leaves you breathless.